Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Gut beschirmt (dc host?, who?)

Hier winke ich (nun wieder im Regen) mit meinem Regenschirm...
während meine liebste Azalee unter dem Sonnenschirm lustwandelt.

Here I wave my umbrella (again)... it is raining in Hamburg...
during my dearest Azalee strolls under a parasol.

Photo by Azalee, Khartoum 2015

Die kleinen Akazien wachsen weiter und inzwischen gibt es noch mehr Quitten auf der Fensterbank

The tiny acacia are still growing and in the meantime there are more quinces on my windowsill

Ich liebe den Duft von Quitten!
und sie sind so samtig (die Jüngste greift und staunt)

I love the fragrance of quinces!
and they feels so velvety (Youngest picks and marvels)

velvety just like this beautiful book by Claire Wellesley-Smith,
that has arrived today in the Lionpalace. And look:
It fits perfect to my 'fast' stitch for the last dc POT ;-)

(and the soup of pumpkins tasted delicious,
made with coconut milk and a few potatos, an apple and a small shallot,
well-rounded with cumin)

Love, Ariane. Rose

Any host for the drawing challenge this weekend?

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

dc #177: POT

In Isolde's garden
(here she fills boiled water from the kettle into a pot of tea)

I have shown you even here this marvelous place, e.g. in the dc #54 Garden.

Maybe the last pot of tea in the garden of my dear friend Isolde is already drunk this year
(photos are from the last June. I hope I will find time to meet her there, soon, still in this October and the kettle isn't in hibernation so we can make a fine bonfire to boil water in it).

This place, its simplicity, the nature, calm my nerves. 
So I put my photo of it (above) on linen and hang it over our table in the kitchen. 
Every time I look at it I recognize my dear friend Isolde, left, but often I see also a woman through the ages... with a yellow golden parasol and a long dress on, wrapped in a scarf. You follow?

Here! I stitch that image into canvas (a table runner), 
in pointillism's manner, because it is looking like the trees, they soon will turn defoliated as the birch tree on the photo. I wrap the threads round warp and woof, it goes up and down, round and round

as knitting, crocheting or sewing potholder, too, or small crochet tablecloth, fine as a spiderweb in Indian summer

Stefanie Seltner has inspired me to throw some wooly into the potty. She is our host of this drawing challenge No 177 with the theme POT. For me a rounded theme (round like the base of a pot itself), thank you! 
Btw: Those pomegranates reminds me on your Crown-Houses or House-Crowns, liebe Stefanie :-))

Please come to Stefanie's place to find more pots!

Later I will cook a golden pumpkin soup

Potholder by:
Renilde de Peuter
Alessandra Taccia


#175 Pocket
#176 Skin
* #177 POT at Stefanie Seltner's


Who is our next host?

Wish ya a nice weekend!

Montag, 28. September 2015

Rot und Rosa

04:17h MESZ

Der Wecker klingelte und ich torkelte müde zu meiner Kamera, bereit den Mond zu fotografieren. Zuerst sah ich durch das Fenster die Sterne am Himmel, doch nicht den Mond. Auf Zehenspitzen tippelte ich auf den kalten Balkon und dann... dann fand ich ihn, zwischen dem Dach gegenüber und den  Baumwipfeln, den Mond... la Luna im roten Kleid.

The alarm has rang and I have tottered tired to my camera, ready to photograph the moon.
First I saw the stars at the sky through the window, but not the moon. I tiptoed on the cold balcony and then...then I find him, between the roof over the way and treetop, the moon... la luna in a red dress.

16:17h MESZ, same direction

Mit dem roten Vollmond ist das Reh von Kristen im Löwenpalast angekommen (Thanks a lot!). Ich genieße es mit ein paar Rosenkeksen von meiner Kollegin Lady Kate, ein Glas Tee und dem schönen Katalog der Ausstellung in Berlin (keine Zeit hinzufahren).

 With the red moon that deer by Kristen has arrived in the Lionpalace
(what a dear deer, thank you, sweet Kristen! I love it! and those rose and butterfly, too)
I enjoy it with some rose cookies from Lady Kate, a glass of tea and a beautiful catalogue of the exhibit in Berlin (in lack of time to see it live).


Am Wochenende waren wir draußen zum Reiten – was für ein Glück!

At the weekend we were outside for riding – what a luckiness!

Auf dem Hof, wo die Mädels reiten dürfen, arbeitet Rosa bei den Tomaten. Es wird Demeter Gemüse angebaut und im kleinen Hofladen verkauft.

At the farm, where the girls are allowed to ride a horse, Rosa is working at the tomatoes. Vegetables is organic grown and sold in a small shop.

BTW: The next theme of the drawing challenge No 177 is POT.
That's the theme of our host, tadaa (it will be October next weekend):
 Stefanie Seltner, at the 3rd + the 4th of October

cu :-)

Samstag, 19. September 2015

dc #176: SKIN


from the womb to the tomb

our skin
essential for survival
the skin contact

in and out, mine and yours
thick-/ or thin-skinned




After we got homeless
and lost nearly all of our things, last year
I felt naked even when I'd been dressed
(do refugees feel the same?)

Luckily I find
faith, freedom and solidarity

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by woolfy Nadeschda, who can touch Carole IRL in Geraardsbergen and Brussels! Her theme is SKIN.

I've made a photo session from skin of varied fruits ;-) and offer you even some thoughts about skin.
Come into touch with many more of skin at Nadeschda's mooi place

Thank you for keeping in touch!


#175 Pocket
#176 Skin at Nadeschda's

Stefanie Seltner will be our host at the 3rd + 4th of October.
Some host for the next weekend, the 26th + 27th of September?