Samstag, 20. September 2014

dc: 2nd Hand

I am fascinated by the light and colours and water... heaven!
maybe I feel extra open minded (it appeals to all senses) because of

the Green Rose Bud Tea of the Art Tea Shop at Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert's bel Étage
together with sweet Barbara Bee, yesterday... very inspiring!

And: on this occasion her wonderful ring from the fleamarket is now at my finger :-)) thank you so much, dear Barbara! (Du weißt, wo du ihn findest, wenn Du Sehnsucht hast)

We took a 'good-bye' and 'welcome' ring photo of our hands... and suddenly we screamed:


"Second Hand! we got it! ahhahahaha!"

For more Second Hands please have a look at dear Joke's

(The weather is extraordinary beautiful outside, so see you later)


today: No. 144 at Joke's

at the 20th + 21st of September

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Sonntag, 14. September 2014


Die Gänse schnattern verwundert,
als meine Arbeitskollegen sich einer nach dem anderen zum Stand Up Paddling auf's Wasser wagen (Ich habe 'Rücken' nach der Umzugs-Arie und genieße stattdessen lieber die Ruhe)

The geese quack amazed
as my work mates one after another venture to do Stand Up Paddling on the water (because of back-pain after the move-aria I enjoy the quiet instead)

und dann fahren wir weiter an die Ostsee

and then we drive on to the Baltic Sea


After being at the Seaside I feel refreshed.
There is still a lot to do in the new Castle at the Eisenbach and outside of it the renovations are going on. But I wanna go on with this blog and wish to visit you soon at yours, dear friends! See you!

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014


nur das Schöne zu sehen (sehen zu wollen) hindert mich daran, das Nicht-so-schöne wahrzunehmen oder gar zu verändern.

only to see the beauty (wanna see) hinder me, to perceive the not-so-beauty 
or even to change.

{Und: jedes Loch, das man in die Wand bohrt, muss man irgendwann wieder zuspachteln.
And: every hole, that one had drilled in the wall, have to be spackled.}


Drawing challenge!

next: No. 144 at Joke's

at the 20th + 21st of September


I have missed you! How are you?

Samstag, 30. August 2014


 For a long time now I am interested in 

the vanitas... the becoming and passing away 
(f. i. you can see some analogue photo stills here which I made in ~ 2005)

Many years earlier my later husband J and I joined a Japanese tea ceremony.
At that we even learned about to admire
茶碗 ... the tea cup: we held it in our hands, lifted it at eye level and turned it to look at carefully from every angle, felt the surface, the material, praised the fine colour.

Some days after the ceremony J went to a pottery and
order some tea cups according to his instructions:

My tea cup is battered now but I still love it! I coloured the tracks simple in gold.
Maybe after an idea of 侘寂 ... Wabi-sabi, the aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection...

it makes me humbly and grateful

joyful and happy
to join you at this drawing challenge again after a long break. Our host is Nadine, my sweet Nadeschda, and her theme is JAPAN.

Please visit her fabulous place for more!
Wish you a fine weekend!

we are still moving... 


*Summer break*

back at this last weekend of August
with No 143 at woolfy Nadeschda's with her theme:

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who is our next host?


(Anemone hupehensis var. japonica)

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Rose's break

Es ist laut, staubig und heiß am Eisenbach. 
Die Burg wird renoviert, Presslufthammer von 7-17h, Staubwolken.

It is loud, dusty and hot at the Eisenbach.
The castle is renovated, jackhammer from 7-5h, dustclouds.

 In den Eisenbach wird Sauerstoff gegeben, damit die Fische überleben. Die Blumen blühen und duften, die Hummeln summen weiter, einfach weiter

Into the Eisenbach is added oxygen, thereby the fishes survive. The flowers blossoms and smells, the bumblebees buzzes on, on and on

immer weiter... on and on

 und bald kann ich von dort aus auch die Aussicht genießen

and soon I can enjoy the sight from that place 

(er hier ist ein Handwerker, der unsere neue Wohnung mit Sprossenfenstern versehen hat.

he is a workman who has provided the new flat with muntin windows)

Derweil packe ich meine Kostbarkeiten ein, räume, putze... usw.
und freue mich auf das Auspacken

While I pack my precious objects, vacate, clean... aso 
and look forward for unpacking.


Hier lege ich nun eine Pause ein 

Here I have a break 

(probably until the next drawing challenge at Nadine's, at the 30th + 31th of August)


You can find me for small, quick glimpses at instagram and fb

Wish you a really beautiful time!

Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

dc: What's That?


What's That?
Is it a squirrel-angel over the roof?

and that? 

What's That?

* solving down at the end of this post

After all:
My favorite camera lens is broken
so I have photographed the moon with my telephoto lens. 
All other photos here I have taken by my new cellphone (lay in my drawer for weeks, but...)
even for this week's drawing challenge (and as of late I use Instagram...
hello! I have met there many friends :-)

Please come to Carole's to find more posts for her theme What's That?

P.S. Do you agree with a little dc summer break, too?
Dear Nadeschda mentioned it and I think I need a break, 'cause of the move.


No 141: Inner Eye 

today: No 142 Carole: What's That?

*dc Summer break* ?

back at the weekend of the 23rd + 24th of August (?)
with No 143 woolfy Nadeschda's theme

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it is better to have more than one, the own, sight on things to make the picture complete. Thank you, dear friends, that you share your sight with me!

Love, Ariane.